Mapping Portugal’s VC Ecosystem 🦄

Venture Capital Club at Católica Lisbon is now on Medium! With the first Series of the “VC Ecosystem Map” 2021!

At CatĂłlica Lisbon School of Economics (CLSBE), students have the opportunity to gain exposure to Venture Capital (VC) through a number of experiences. In 2020 the Venture Capital Club (VCC) at CatĂłlica Lisbon was established and since then provides a community for exchange and knowledge transfer on campus. By leveraging the outstanding network and start up environment of Portugal and especially Lisbon, the VCC creates value for CatĂłlica Lisbon, the VC ecosystem and of course for students.

Mapping Portugal’s VC Ecosystem

To deliver on our promise, VCC starts to iteratively map out Portugal’s venture capital industry from Cristoval to Sé, covering landmarking VC players. There will be a series on corporate venture capitalists, accelerators, incubators and others in the upcoming weeks. So, stay on track with us discovering Portugal’s venture capital landscape and please get in contact with us via mail in order to be featured.

This week’s feature covers independent venture capitalists: These financial beacons operate as private equity investors for early-stage companies. By funding famous unicorns such as Outsystems or Feedzai, the IVCs contributed enourmously to crunchbase’s expectation of Portugal being in the next “European Tech Tiger”. For a closer at these IVCs, have look below at our research of “Mapping Portugal’s VC ecosystem”.

Mapping Portugal’s VC Ecosystem — © VCC Católica Lisbon
Mapping Portugal’s VC Ecosystem — Part 1
Mapping Portugal’s VC Ecosystem — Part 2

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Authors: Simon Rausch, Christian Gahrens, Philip Schroepel

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